"Our Church Hinton St George Building Trust" is now a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO). This means we are, as from 12th. September 2016, a registerd charity number:1169133

There are five facilities that make Hinton St George such a special village to live in and underpin the value of our homes – ‘OUR Shop and Post Office’, the School, the pub, Dorothy's Tea Room and our beautiful Grade I listed church.

We, as a community, saved Our Shop and Post Office but we now face a new and very real challenge. Our historic, much loved church is at risk of potential closure. The tower is dangerous with pieces of stonework threatening to fall off. If we do not immediately start repairs and carry out urgent maintenance ‘Our Church’ could be closed to us and visitors. We must not allow this to happen.

We should remind ourselves that “the importance of the upkeep of a working church to the quality of life in our village” was represented by a 93% expression of support in the responses to the questionnaire for the 2010 Village Plan. Contrary to what many people believe the responsibility for maintaining church buildings and keeping them in repair lies with each individual church and its community. We have been doing this for some 500 years – now is not the time to stop.

A small group of people from the village have established a long term program of fund raising based on a stand alone entity whose sole purpose is the preservation of the Church as a building with its surrounds (churchyard walls, paths, trees etc.). As a registered charity we shall be able to claim 'Gift Aid' on all donations and subscriptions where a Gift Aid form has been signed by the donor.

A meeting was held in the new ‘Community’ area of the Church on Wednesday 9th. December 2015. From the well-attended meeting we formed a Steering Group, of people from the village, who work to develop and implement a program of fundraising. In order to meet the cost of urgent repairs a Heritage Lottery Fund grant has been applied for and granted but we have to raise some £23,000 to release the balance of the grant monies. A good start has been made and we have exceeded our target to raise £3,500 by March this year. Our target is to raise a minimum of five thousand pounds a year every year from now on. This will establish an endowment, through the CIO, to ensure ‘OUR Church’ remains as it is – one of the finest examples of a village church in the Country.

There are several ways to raise the funds required. Some of them will require a lot of effort by a few people to put on fundraising events which are often only attended by the same people who give of their time and money so generously elsewhere. Or, as a village, we can ensure our church survives in a somewhat easier way. All that is required is that each of our 220 households gives a minimum of £2 per month. Some of you may be willing and able to give more, if this is so please do.  If anyone is able to consider making the CIO a benificiary of a legacy in their will this would be much appreciated. All support will be very gratefully received!

Special cards have been kindly produced from a painting by Simon Casson. Cards are for sale at Our Church, Our Shop and Dorothy's Tea Room @ £1.95 The original painting was quickly purchased by a village resident and a generous donation made by the artist to 'THE HINTON ST GEORGE BUILDING TRUST'. A second version of the original is now exhibited in Our Church by kind permission of the artist. We hope someone will wish to purchase the second version - described as 'The Church of St. George Hinton II'. As a result of any sale a further donation will be made to Our Church. Thank you Simon and Sheridan Casson.

Please click the link 'FRIENDS' above to view details of the Friend's Scheme, Donation and Standing Order forms together with a Gift Aid form. If anyoneyou feels able and is inclined to help with the vital task of saving OUR Church for future generations please go to the Friends link above.   We do hope you will be willing to support one of the great features of our village and preserve it for the generations to follow us.